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so first, I'm so proud of Min Yoongi. I have so much respect for him. He was told his whole life he shouldnt do music, and that he was bringing shame to his family. There we're days we're he starved and couldn't even sell his songs for more than 10 won. He even got dissed by underground rappers for being an idol rapper, but even still he kept doing what he loved. He's super talented and hard working, even stays up till morning writing music. Sugas rap gives me life and I find it very meaningful, poetic, and passionate.
on Sugas birthday he usually writes notes and sends gifts to fans <3
I love the way he's not afraid to just be himself, he's so funny and sarcastic xD
he's sassy and adorable as shit Lol
He's beautiful..
and then swag...haha okay I think I'm done.
guys I've fallen deeper and I can't get up help meh❤😭
@torchix ugh i know! I love him so much ㅠㅠ he brings me so much joy yet so much pain haha
@moonchild03 ugh we're so hopelessly in love uggghhhh