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I am so pissed off right now, tell me how you feel about this topic....
I love how Suga was so done (around 5:40) and he grabbed a microphone because the questions kept getting worse. Rap mon's answers were so great when he kept saying that he saw both stances on issues because he didn't want to create more of a conflict. Thanks for posting this! :)
Im so proud that Rap Mon and Suga just didn't stand up and leave because for a stupid person who is wearing sunglasses inside and is just "curious" about roasting them about dumb things and he always ends the discussion when he gets a good answer, he doesn't even deserve to be talked to.
what's so funny about this part that he insulted idols kpop idols especially rappers like G Dragon ,rap monster and other idols rappers and what's so funny is that he said he hates idols and he's working with idols he was working with winner from yg company he doesn't even have pride its so funny he said he hates them but in reality he has to work with them because he needs some money so pity he's a very jealous person he's just hatin on BTS fame and popularity cuz I saw his music videos and they're not even good enough and he is like totally I'm saying that rap monster isn't good at rapping and it's so funny because his music videos suck in my opinion cuz I just saw his music videos and he shouldn't be talking because rap monster is way better at rapping and why the hell is he even wearing glasses inside it's not even funny at all
I was wondering about this for awhile. the guy who wore the sunglasses inside was highly disrespectful and honestly he's not actually listening to what Suga and Rap Monster says. He's trying to trip them up and slander them but they stood their ground. Good Job!
by the who the he'll is B-free anyway? I've NEVER heard of him before this