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My face when someone says they don't like Suga. Ummm yeeeah ok keep telling yourself that!!! Yoongi is the my ultimate bias!!! I mean look at that face!!! He's even gorgeous when he looks disgusted!!
When I discovered BTS I told myself I'd never pick a bias but I don't even know when Yoongi called bullshit on that haha. He stole my fangirl heart!!! He's so cuuuute!!!
He's also full of sass and swag. He doesn't take crap from anyone but he's always sweet and squishy at the end of the day!!
He's got a great sense of humor and looks great in a maid outfit!!
He's got nothing but talent and I find it so sexy when this boy raps!!! It might just be me being weird but I've never liked rap in english. I didn't like it until I heard it in Korean. It just sounds so much more passionate and raw when I can't understand it haha. Anyway Suga is one of the best I've heard and that's why I love him even more!!
He keeps getting more creative with his looks. I can't wait for this comeback you guys!!! I'm sooo ready!!!! I expect nothing but greatness from this beautiful soul!!!
Suga snuck up in me and was like hey! I'm amazing love me. And I was like alright. I gotchu. Now I can't get enough of this guy.
Suga! He's trying to push Rap Monster out of my heart and take his place.
Every last work on this card was so true for me! 🙌 Suga is also my ultimate bias and is impossible not to love ❤️
Omo I agree I just said this to someone that I had american rap and always hate rappers but then I hear Suga and others and I'm like gosh darn it!!!! Korean Rappers the best!
Lol OMG I'm dieing yaaa who doesn't like suga bring them out here
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