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Suga, Suga How'd You Get So Fly?

Happy Suga day everyone! Let's talk about our adorable and swag-alicous lamb, shall we?

Let's start with how Suga was a sloth in a past life.

He takes his sleep very seriously.

So beg for mercy if you wake him up!

I think he is probably the easiest member to relate to simply because of his slothiness!

I'm sure we have all had a time in our lives where we wished something like this was possible!

And we probably have the same exercise routine!

He's kinda the hero for the introverted!

But he's not afraid to have fun though!

He takes punishment, well, fairly good because he's probably going to complain after ^_^

He's definitely not afraid to be swagged out to the max!

He's without a doubt the swag king!

But what makes him really swaggy?

Probably his kick ass basketball skills! It's probably one of the few things that require movement he likes!

Because he obviously doesn't enjoy too much movement.

His rapping skills make him swag to the limit! He's got a rawness that makes him sound crazy awesome!

Let's review: he is a secret sloth, he has too much swag for the average person to sustain, he is a basketball prince, and a rap star! So remember your facts about Suga!

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2 years ago·Reply
he has a great body for being such a lazy person lol
2 years ago·Reply
@SusiBosshammer well if he spends a lot of time being lazy but not eating too much then I guess that would help lol plus they still have dance practice and stuff they have to do, other members just do extra haha
2 years ago·Reply
//i will get along with him for i am also very lazy
2 years ago·Reply