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Greetings to all of you Marvel loving fans and Deadpool enthusiasts! Merc with a Mouth Kuzuri here and I am happy to say I'm loving the Mercs with Mouths crew. We could take over everything if we really wanted to, hehehe. I am here today because Merc with a Mouth @LAVONYORK has issued a MwM sign off competition. I am glad to say that I have prepared some logo's myself. *munches on taco* Mmm, good taco. Ok, let's get started!

Entry 1: The Merc Button

What better way to sign out than the official Merc button! Limited time offer, only $20,000.99! Alright maybe not. $900 will do. Cough it up people! (I'm only kidding. Not.)

Entry 2: Thumbs up from the Master

We all like to be acknowledged. How awesome would it be to have a thumbs up given to us from the big boss himself! Look at those muscles.......Fabulous.

Entry 3: 1001 Jokes

*Sings* Captain used to be a twig, now he's all buff and big! Come on....we all know the facts.
Well you all, those were my 3 entries. Thanks @LAVONYORK and all of you in the community! We are the greatest. Obviously.

Also if you want to make your own logo please put the link in the post so everyone can take a peak! So the rules are is that it should say Mercs with mouths and have Deadpool, Deadpool Corps or Deadpool's logo... Of course nothing offensive and porn related. We have to respect our younger viewers that might be apart of the Mercs or on Vingle in general...Vingle pretty much likes things to stay PG-13

This logo creation vote will be going on until Monday evening. Just remember make the card and post the link in this one or tag @lavonyork and she will post the link for you!
*DISCLAIMER* CREDIT TO ANY ARTISTS' PHOTO'S I POST (I do not own or did not draw them. I just admire them and would love for others to see them.)
I like them all but I think #3 is my fave.... after much deliberation XD
@kuzuri I will be "borrowing" your art work for the final count on Monday and again thanks for participating!
I agree, the button rocks!!
I like the button one and number three. I'm so indecisive lol
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