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Hey all! so I have been on hiatus, since I'm graduating from College Friday. Woot! The screenshot games will be brought back shortly, Sometime next week! So sorry I left off. On a better note, the Next Group will Be:

WINNER!! EXCITED?! I AM! But yes! Winner Will be next.

Again sorry for being on hiatus from it, just haven't had the time until next week! Thank you for your patience! ♡
@SHINeeIngGirl Haha XD I'm almost done making it! ^•^ THANK you so much!
MY BODY IS READY. °-° lol xD Can't wait! Congratulations on your graduation!!! ♡♡
@KellyOConnor Yes ma'am!! My Bachelor’s Degree!! haha Thank you very much dear!!! No amount is excessive when expressing Joy!! ^●^
You're graduating?! Congratulations!!! Don't worry about it you've had to have been hella busy! But thanks for the update! WINNER! *that's an excessive use of exclamation points but I'm happy for you ^U^
@heidichiesa Thank you Dear!!! ♡♡♡
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