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Fairy tail, OHSHC, RWBY, Phyco-pass, Hetalia, Full metal alchemist, Kill la kill, fruits basket, Sword art online, black butler, blue exorcist, Rosario+Vampire, hunterxhunter, the irregular at magic high school, heaven's lost property, inyuasha, death note, attack on titan, Tokyo ghoul, durarara YASSSS I DID IT!
1)fairy tail❤️ 2)black butler 3)soul eater 4)madoka magica 5)yuki yuna is a hero 6)daybreak illusion 7)blood + 8)bloodc 9)angel beat 10)special 11) Tokyo ghoul 12) attack on Titan 13) death note 14) full metal alchemist 15)maid sama 16)SAO 17) deadman wonderland 18) sailor moon 19)inyasha 20)kimisama kiss and their u go 20 awesome amines
stop it .... to easy challenge accepted :3 bleach,code geass, D. Grayman,Naruto,the world god only knows,air gear,one piece, REBORN,Gurren lagann, maybe fairytale, if there's anymore I probably did not notice but I'm pretty sure I'm right since I'm an otaku of great length :D
1. Aquarion 2. Fruits Basket 3. Soul Eater 4. Akame ga Kill 5. Seven Deadly Sins 6. Psycho Pass 7. Choas;Head 8. Fate;Zero 9. Parasyte the Maxim 10. Death Note 11. Rosario + Vampire 12. Fairy Tail 13. Madoka Magica 14. Samurai Flamenco 15. Welcome to the NHK 16. Demon King Daimao 17. Heroes Tale 18. Sekirei 19. Ouran High School Host Club 20. Attack on Titan No A Characters Tsukune, Tsukiumi, Musubi, Tohru, Kyo, Grey, Sheele, Mine, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Kirito, Light, L, M, N, King, Henderickson, Dreyfus, Merlin, Gowther, Rin, Yukio, Soul, Spirit, & Stein
No need to push yourself, @mattrodss you did really good on that
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