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Hello fellow K-Poppers & Shawols! There is a chance to bring about 5 or 6 big KPOP groups to the US to tour. I have a link here to bring SHINee close to me and I would appreciate you hitting the "Make" button on there. :D You can log in with google+, twitter, or facebook, or make an account. I would be so happy to see SHINee in the USA.
I need 100 people to say "MAKE" /please/ I would really appreciate it so much. I could do the same for your city. And feel free to Twitter share or Facebook share the link!!
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@DinaEXO @MaggieHolm I'd be glad to Make for both your cities, just send me a link
@MaggieHolm go to the one i have posted and sign it if youd like for me lol then for ur city hit the title SHINee and it should bring you to a map. find ur city and click