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"So You Like K-Pop"
Me: yes
Them: So you only like Chinese people then...
me:....... (I can't even....the gif says it all)
like wat....
Like dafuq is wrong wit dem
Just no
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Same, I have a friend at work who keeps calling them Japanese and I tell her they're Korean. Then she asks how can I listen to it if I don't understand them, I say I look for the subs and the irony she is white and likes some Indian and Hispanic music and she doesn't know any of those languages.
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omg dont you just hate that. its called K pop not C pop. some people seriously need to learn some geography. China and japan are not the only asian countries.
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Don't forget the infamous "Why do you listen to it if you cant understand it?"
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Right!!?? It's SO true!! Thank god for places like this and people like you! At least we get each other! :-D
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this post is so accurate
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