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Isn't that sad? I feel like his parents should just get over their rage and accept the fact that their son is extremely successful and loved! It wouldn't kill for them to stand in between the crowd and watch their son's effort. The hard work he had to pull through for this moment! Couldn't they see through their son's happiness in writing songs? Rapping along to beats? We were told since we were young that we can be anything we want when we get older, then why can't he be a rapper/songwriter/idol? Yes, I'm pretty sure that Suga could've been a doctor, politician or even President! But his parents already lived their life, couldn't they cut slack and let him be different from any other Korean standard or the suppose "perfect" Korean? I may not know the entire story but it's just sad to see this man tear up, yearning to see his parents for once supporting his decision. Imagine his face watching his group member's parents greet them with warm hugs and kisses after the concert...that kills me....
We love you Min Yoongi ^_^ If only I could just go through my screen and hug you tightly....
He had a interview and said tht his parents are his biggest supporters he was wiping his sweat馃檮
I think it was a Japanese interview, and he said that his parents said "Having the ability to realize his own dreams, a child that's worth being proud of" and he says they are now the ones that are most supportive of him. And I heard from a fan account that it looked like he was wiping his sweat, so we're all good.
I don't know if anybody has corrected this because I haven't read any of the comments but Yoongi was actually crying from happiness. Also his parents came to the Red Bullet concerts and actually support him a lot. His mother is actually notorious for watching all of their interviews and award show appearances.
This is so wrong. His parents are his biggest supporters, and he has said that. You're so out of line to be targeting his PARENTS like that. Do some research before you start rudely accusing his parents of such horrid things.
I feel like crying now, 馃槩
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