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Who do you think would win????? comment for Naruto, like for SAO
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I can see Sasuke and Naruto wondering if what there in is a genjustu or not cause the fact they wouldn't be able to do anything but wouldn't Naruto still have kurama who could provide Naruto chakra and Saskue really doesn't need his chakra to fight Asuna or kirito I mean there both really skilled ninja's
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no one should ever put SAO against an anime that isn't in a game. Kirito and Asunas skills don't transfer out of the games, the other anime doesn't transfer in. But still Naruto wins if they were in some alternative plane where both sides could fight at full potential
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@TensaZangetsu98 this is true, and I did mean on an alternative plane
2 years ago·Reply
naruto because he and the akatsuki have taken down jinchuriki and u don't see any crazy moon destroying bosses in Sao and sasori has poison in his blades and that would be bad for all Sao players and deidara could make a clay army and kill alot of average level players like lvl50 or lvl20 and momoshiki could kill them all same with kaguya even though I like a Sao I have to stick with naruto.
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