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Guys I'm legit dying right now!!!!!! If you didn't know besides being GD trash I am beyond Cohort Trash!!! I was into the cohorts And Korean hiphop way before I got into Kpop ! I love the Cohorts more than life #KillerWhaleSquad #ItGMaForLife ! Basically since life is amazing I was on Twitter and my Bae Keith tweeted a picture so I of course tweeted back and..................he like it and I kid you not I pretty much died!

Then to top it off ! He's gonna be in New York!!! And guess who's too broke to go me!!! (Only 20 for tickets but plane tickets are way too much) and Why??? Because I spent all my money on GD haha but seriously he's doing shows in Vegas and LA which are somewhat closer to me but again I'm broke and I'm soo mad!! First I can't go to beenzinos show because I'm broke and It's on a week day so I can't drive the 7 hrs to Dallas and now I'm missing One of my main Baes Keith ape...... Why must life be so cruel!
He needs a layover somewhere, right? Cool for the like though.
@KellyOConnor I know hopefully he's nice and stops in Louisiana on his way to New York lol
sucks you can't go but awesome he liked your tweet!
@Helixx right! Lol too many of my favorite people are coming at the same time and they are all too far I hate It