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(OMO!!!! That side profile though!!! I love Suga so much!! I am Suga biased as heck. And proud. But umm.......why does it look like he has hickies on his neck? See those red spots......yeah....) Here is part two: Translucent And here is the third: Opaque
YOUR POV: "Dad. This house gives me the creeps." I hear my little sister complain downstairs. "Really, Gabby? I think it's beautiful." I mumble, looking at the refined an aged architecture. "Wow....Really? It is kinda creepy....." I hear a voice say behind me, I look around. No one was there. 'Please don't tell me I'm going crazy.' I think. I walked around the boxes in my room, admiring my new room. My mother and father got divorced and I had to live with my father. He decided to move us to Korea to be close to his relatives. Yeah, I am a 'halfer'. I hate that word but I should get used to it. I feel like I'm going to be called that alot. Later that night after dinner, I sat on my bed with my back against the head board and listened to music. Sugar, We Are Going Down by Fall Out Boy was playing on my Pandora. I couldn't help but sing along. -Am I more than you bargained for yet? I've been dying to tell you anything. You want to hear, cause that's just who I am this week.- I sang aloud, with my eyes closed. Not too loudly but loud enough for me to hit the correct notes and not sound strained. I felt something fly across my legs. My eyes shot open as I jumped in fright. I ripped my ear buds from my ears, the music loud enough to be heard through them. I look around, I see nothing. Maybe it's just the jetlag. It's making me hallucinate. I heard a thud come from under my bed. I feel a sudden twinge of fright.... I look under to find Snow laying under my bed. "Oh, it's just you." I climb off the large bed. I reach under there and coax her out. She crawls toward me and nuzzle my hand. I pull her from under the bed and pick her up, cradling her in my arms. "Was that you that ran across my legs?" I ask her. "No, it was me." I heard that voice again. I look up and see a boy with white hair sitting on my vanity, hugging his left knee. I gasp and drop Snow. She takes off and runs out of the room, closing the door in her haste. "Oh my god! Who are you?" I back away, feeling afraid. "My name is Yoongi.....and you are?" He cocked his head to the right, innocently. "'s (Y/N)." I start to feel stupid for being afraid but I don't understand why. I feel like I should know him. "Ahh....nice name. It's not Korean......are you american?" He asks, jumping off the vanity without a sound. "Uhh....yeah. I am." I gulp. He walks around my room. I watch him with my eyes. "Nice room." He mutters, picking up one of my plushies. He picked up a stuffed Kumamon. He does a double take. He gasps and his eyes widen. I run over and snatch it from his hands. "Hey, don't touch that.....a friend gave it to me." I hold the Kumamon close to my chest. "Oh....sorry." He looks down. "What was that friend's name?" "It was......" I tried to remember. "I...actually can't remember." "Wow..aren't you a horrible person?" He teases, his playful demeanor coming back. Somehow, it seems familiar. I scoff and turn to put the Kumamon back. "Wait, how did you even get...?" I was about to ask how he got in my room but he was gone. I ran out the my room door and looked down the hallway. No one. What just happened? "What's wrong, sweetie?" I hear my dad ask. I look at him and shake my head. "N-nothing. I'm fine. Sorry, Dad." He nods and goes back into his room. I do the same. Where did that boy go? YOONGI'S POV: I cant believe it's her. After all these months. And.....she doesn't remember me. I should have known, after what happened. It was expected for her to lose her memory. After I dissipated, I watched as she frantically looked around and ran outside her door. She looked confused and frantic. "Whats wrong, sweetie?" I hear someone ask. "N-nothing. I'm fine. Sorry, Dad." I hear her say as she walked back into her room. I watched as she put her long (H/C) hair into a loose ponytail. She walked to the bed, turned off her music, and got under the blankets. She lay on her back, looking up at the ceiling. "Who was it that gave me that bear? What was his name? And why don't I remember them?" She mutters sleepily. "It was me..." I try to tell her but she can't hear me...shes asleep. She still looks as beautiful as I remember. I heard as her breathing slow. She must be asleep. I walk over from where I was standing and kneeled next to her bed side. She looks so peaceful. "I miss you so much......." I stroke her cheek. "Do you miss me?" (Pt. 2 coming soon)
My heart! I can't wait for part 2 fam!
Cant wait for part 2!!!
Yoongi frost!? excited for pt.2 😀
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