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HAPPY SWEET SUGA DAY EVERYBODY!!!!! Today in our intense hell week lets go over the swagiliciousness of our king of trolling SUGA!!!!!!
Look at this cutie, i mean you would see this face and say " he is an angel".........we all know the truth xD
But there is no denying his beauty *drools*, especially since he takes the most breathtaking selfies xD
His swag is undeniable, and that endless charm just makes your heart melt xD
Even though he has the charasmatic charm, we all know he is just a big goof xD
These are just a couple vids that cover more of suga's awesomeness (especially the first vid where he made 300 little personalized gifts for his fans, and then made 50 more because he didnt want to leave anyone out xD)
Once again- HAPPY SWAGILICIOUS SUGA DAY EVERYBODY!!!!!! P.S (I do not own the beautiful pics, gifs, and vids that were used)