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Okay so I'm finding time to do this challenge that I should've did a while ago. After counting all of the comments most of mis amigos voted for A....20 facts about me...Jessamine. Many of my friends from different communities participated. Thanks! The original challenge was made by @LaurnAntoine. My card to ask ppl what they wanted is here.

So here goes!

Facts about me! Random facts!

1. I love music it is my life! 2. I love rock, alternative, indie, and of course KPOP! 3. My favorite colors are pink, purple, gold, and black. 4. My spirit animals are the tiger and the wolf. 5. My aura color is red l. 6. My element is fire. 7. I have a mixed and diverse family (black, Native American, Mexican, and Semoen). 8. I love Thor! 9. I love makeup! 10. I hate cheese!

Odd Facts

11. I love chasing small wild animals...birds and squirrels. 12. I love shiny things! 13. I'm obsessed luscious hair. 14. I was obsessed with WWF BEFORE IT became WWE. WRESTLING ALL DAY BABY! 15. I'm an anime freak! Obsessed!

Kpop and anime facts

16. I love Big Bang, Rain, EXO, BTS, and Jay Park 17. My biases are Ji-Yong, Youngbae, T.O.P, Namjoon, Kai, and Jimin 18. Dragonball Z and Inuyasha are my all time favorite anime. 19. I can make my own kimchi 20. I am overly obsessed with Sesshomaru from Inuyasha.

Thanks for reading mis amigos!

@shannonl5 u gonna have gas lol
@amobigbang I WILL EAT ALL THE CHEESE IN THE WORLD. Then you won't have to suffer from its existence any longer
yucky! 😝 @shannonl5 lol
@shannonl5 cheese is a sin lol
ok so thts mean i'm his second Wifeeee... lol ✌✌ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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