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The runaway princess who couldn't stand her father. A passionate girl, who loves magic and one day, would like to join the strongest guild, Fairy Tail. Soon to meet a pink headed boy and his talking cat. After their encounter with a fake Salamander, the boy revealed that his name Natsu and the cat, Happy. He was the true Salamander and would like for Lucy to join Fairy Tail.
The one thing that I love about Lucy, is her love for her Celestial Spirits. How she doesn't see them as tools for fighting but as living, breathing beings. Pretty sure they appreciate it too.
The reason she loves fairytale is because of the many people she met their. She loves them and doesn't ever wants to leave
Even after the time skip of 7yrs, a lot has happened. Her father's passing, Dragon Festival, Taturos ( and for non-manga readers) and soon to come Western continent Alverez. Lucy continues to get stronger, even after sacrificing her most precious of all spirits. but in returned she discovered a new way to fight along side her spirits.....The Star Dresses. We only seen a few though.
You already knew her story, how it began and all but how will her story end?
I totally agree Lucy is an important part of the Fairytail series. And sometimes she pisses me off to the point I want to kill myself! BUT she always makes up for it with her personality and charm. I really wish they make a big chunk of episodes literally just her being the hero!!! She deserves it! ☺️
Dude I like how they draw her a little chunky. we all know that not every anime girl is like Anjelica rabbit. I like it
I wish that Lucy would b a little more like Elie as she was the model for her so here's hoping that later on Lucy will get some super epic power ups hell even if she was a dragon slayer and didn't know it out she got a different power then just using celestial spirits
@Stevenb1990 I do try though T-T
Lucy is the only reason I watch fairy tail. That being said I can't really get into the series :\
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