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So me and @jamiesparking were at the mall and saw this little booth were a couple were selling handmade necklaces. It was great, we got to watch them make it and its really cute. You got to pick out what it said, and then got to pick a little stone to go with it. Since we're both kpop dorks and love BTS, we figured a little Mashup of our names and our bias' names would be cute, and thats how we ended up getting necklaces that say KookieMari and BeccaMon. It 2as only $20 which included the gem, name, and chain. All in all id say it was a pretty good deal.
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omg I'm soooo jelly~ I'm not even lying~ omg I want one it looks sooo cuteee~ awwwww man I wish I was there to buy one I would have bought 2 wth my biases names wth my other biases name thn wth mines~