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I would probably do the same damn thing...wait let me say that again...I WOULD do the same Damn thing....there that's better
@mattrodss trust me dude everybody's entitled to their own opinion in truth she's no good for offense but isn't a good defense better than the offense think about that the more she heals Naruto and Sasuke the more the better chance they have of winning
@IsaiahWaterford well most of the time she fought is when she is with naruto馃槀馃槀
@mattrodss I understand that but on reason why she was healing the wounded it's because they was short with medical ninjas and they need her but as soon as s*** hit the fan you saw the original team 7 go ham just like they predecessor in the first war and trust me I know where you coming from she do look like you don't do anything but with that monstrous strength of hers I doubt we can actually call her weak
when sakura obtained the mark on her forehead she became useful before that rarely .. well actually not even rarely 馃槅
I don't find her useless in the least true when they were kids she was always a damsel in distress but she was a little girl. when she got older she was able to take care of herself without Sasuke and without naruto she even became a Jounin before them and trained under lady Tsunade herself so for y'all who don't like her sounds more like a personal reason to me I'm just saying oh and PS I don't think Itachi would of escape without any damaged done to his face after that
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