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Suga Day
Although I didn't talk about hair for Jins card I'm gonna talk about Suga hair like I did for the rest of my bts hell week posts
I know it's just a simple bleach blonde color but oh my god it looks so good on him. Any hair color I've seen on him seems to work out really well. Like the pink or the mint color he has now omg what a blessing
All of those god damn bandanas will probably be the death of me but this is my favorite hairstyle on him
He's so adorable. I am not okay with this
He's also sexy af
I feel like a lot of you probably have Suga as your bias wrecker JUST LOOK AT THE BOY JFC HOW CAN ONE NOT. He's also my bias wrecker I almost love him just as much as I love Jin (and I really fricking love Jin). That's how much this little shit means to me ❤
I saw this edit of him and almost died. See this boy can pull off any hair color. Comment your favorite hair color on Suga!
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So far the pink has been my favorite, but the mint green is getting it's way up there! But I totally agree with his can pull off any color because of his swag (of course lol) and Suga did wreck my list!
i love every color on him but the blonde combined with his naturally palr skin is just... sexy. Downright sexy.