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anyone have any suggestions.....anyone......ANYONE
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Fariy Tail Sailor Moon crystal Free !! Ouran High school host club The irregular at magic high school Attack on titan Sword Art Online Gun Gale Online (Sword Art Online 2) Soul Eater Soul Eater Not Sailor Moon Haikyuu !! Amagi brilliant park
Also RWBY but it is not an anime but a really good show that is on Roster Teeth and YouTube
There is a series called Precure, the first season is Futari wa Precure and there are multiple seasons with different characters
YES i need new GOOD QUALITY animes!! Not the typical cliched copies that are being made repeatedly. If it wasn't for Attack on Titan coming out when it did, I would have lost faith. Right now i am managing because i haven't looked into the new naruto manga stuff about his kid and whatnot...so anyone have things they could recommend that's not clich茅d, even if its doujinshi (did i spell that right?) let me know ^_^