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In honor of Suga day, I will be discussing how this dork ruined my bias list FOR GOOD.
When I first learning about BTS, the member that captured my attention was the youngest, Jungkook. After falling deeper into BTS, I believed I would forever have Kookie is my bias for BTS. He is adorable, has an amazing voice, and his smile could make anyone happy.......
Then came sweet, sexy, AMAZING Suga.
It happened SO FREAKING QUICKLY. One day, Suga just came and pushed Jungkook away and took that special place in my heart.
And I do not regret IT.
Just look at that smile! *squeals internally*
I can't even describe my love for this boy......
I will now and forever will fangirl my heart out to Min Yoongi, and give him my love and support! :D
P.S. if you happen to make a card about know...hook a girl up :P lol
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