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From my recent card about Suga crying was all false. @QueenLele made it clear that he was just wiping sweat and that Suga mentioned in an interview that his parents fully support his career... I guess the fact that I haven't had internet and see things myself, I tend to trust some sites as I can only know things that way...

I'm sorry to everyone who became alarmed!!! It wasn't my intention!!!

Once again, thanks @QueenLele and @destiny1419 who brought that to my attention!!
*sigh* I'm glad it was a false alarm. I seriously bawled my eyes out when i saw that other post.. My heart wouldn't be able to handle Suga being sad or upset for any reason... Thanks for clarifying that fact... I definitely feel much better now..
well i'm just happy that Suga bear is alright and hapyy 馃槉馃槉
@KpopGaby it's okay. Anything that is BTS related gets my emotions messed up.. And after your post i noticed other people had thought the same thing... But I'm glad you made things clear.. Thank you..
I'm sorry that I made you truly wasn't my intention...I saw that and thought people should know without realizing if it was a troll or not... @BAbrajan1
Oh I thought my suga wasn't becoming hokage ((spelled it wrong))