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Okay I always wanted a dog or a cat.....I have always had small pets like bunnies, frogs,fishes,birds and hamsters!! I know many of you are going to choose an Exceed (more like Happy) I get it...he is so adorable why wouldn't you want someone like him??? But I want to choose one that not many people would choose!!!! So here goes nothing....
So I choose....Kyo Sohma!!! Okay hear me out guys I know he technically isn't entirely an animal but....he does turn into his zodiac animal when hugged or embraced by the opposite gender .....So he technically could count as one!! I mean look at how cute he is when he is in cat only lasts for a while with the only downside is that they turn back into human in the its best for them to stay indoors This happens to those members of the Sohma family who are born on the years of the zodiacs (Chinese) and its every generation. Its only those who are living so once one dies another who is born will most likely be the next zodiac....and so forth!!! I think Fruit Baskets was one if the first anime's i saw and I fell in love that I decided to read the manga!!! Sure Kyo has a very short temper but it is what makes him likeable.... There this is my choice and I know he isn't entirely a cat but he is at some points!! Besides he has such a sad story and he is so made me (still makes me tear up) when I watch this show!!! Tagging @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @VinMcCarthy
love this 😺kyo is my favorite character in fruits basket
I pick Kyo too.