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Gravitation was my introduction into the magical world of BL. I'm curious, what was your first BL anime/manga? Leave in the Comments!
My absolute favorite yaoi anime is Koisuru Boukun! I love them as a couple! What is your favorite yaoi anime? Leave a comment!
I recently started reading the manga, Haru wo Daiteita and I'm obsessed with it! Erotic BL manga is awesome!
First BL manga was a Prince of Tennis doujinshi I accidentally downloaded. First anime was (I believe it was called) After School In The Teacher's Lounge. My favorite? Good luck with that. XD Maybe DMMR or Sekaiichi, but only barely cause I love 'em all too much to choose.
my first bl Anime was Ai No kusubai my first manga was a Hetalia Doujinshi On my reading manga I accidentally stumbled across
I love gravitation shuichis my favorite
I'm new to yaio so I don't have any favorites, my first yaio was love stage
My favorite is koisuru boukun as well!!!!
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