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South Korean actor-singer Ryu Si-won has been sued by his wife for blackmail charges in the midst of divorce, police said Tuesday. Ryu's 32-year-old wife, only known by her surname Cho, filed a complaint with the police in February claiming that the 41-year-old Ryu threatened her. Ryu Si Won opened up on the new charges filed by his wife, with whom he is currently involved in a divorce suit, saying that though he has so much to say he will keep it quiet for his daughter′s future. R′s Company stated, "It is a case in which the other involved in the divorce suit (Ryu Si Won′s wife) recorded a fight the two had when they were a married couple, and filed a lawsuit based on that evidence. It is a malicious act meant to act to her advantage in the divorce suit." It added, "We still believe that though we have a lot to say on the reasons behind their divorce, we should keep them quiet for the future of [Ryu Si Won′s] daughter. Rather than try to play the media or attempt to draw out an agreement to cover up the issue, we will take a firm stance in court over the reasons behind the divorce and the responsibilities attached to it." Ryu Si Won appeared before the police on April 1 for questioning on the new case.