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It's finally time to celebrate my ultimate bias, Suga! I can't tell you guy how much I love him!❤️
Suga is my ultimate bias and he will always have the top spot! This video is the reason I fell for Suga! He is just so sweet and caring and he truly loves us A.R.M.Y.s. He used his own money to buy gifts for A.R.M.Y.s that were coming to a meet and greet on his birthday. He took the time to hand write notes to put on all the gifts and when they ran out be when out and bought more to send to the A.R.M.Y.s that didn't get one. How could anyone not love him after that!
Then I found out that he really is cute, silly, and funny like the rest of the members of BTS even though he doesn't always show it!
After I started watching more and more BTS videos I realized that Suga was involved in writing and producing some of the songs and that Let Me Know was the first song that he produced himself. The song is absolutely beautiful even untranslated, but the lyrics made me cry! 😭 This song kills me every time!
So now on to the fun stuff! I love that he could just lay in bed all day and sleep! Yet he still chooses to gift us with his talent and his presence!
I love his sweet smile and goofy faces!
But then he can also be soooo sexy! 😍😘❤️
❤️❤️❤️I just can't help but love him!❤️❤️❤️