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WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! although this is old speed this song is amazing and that ending like bro! I held my breath!!! I was like (>^.^)> HE'S GONNA FALL!!!!!!!!
THE HEELYS @_@ then I went and saw the dance practice they did with their new song for this year and was blown away who was ever that cool with heelys like come on!!!!!!!
it's so upsetting to know that they are so under recognized! this is a great group musically I'm gonna dig up some stuff and them to try to find the personality ^_^
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Yes... I believe so i think it would be pointless if they added two more members also they also have more fans since what u
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Oh definitely just hope something comes out soon
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Me too...😊FIGHTING !!!✊✊✊
2 years ago·Reply
What other groups do u like???
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