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Yoongi!!!! I really just adore this guy. He has that aura where you don't want to mess with him. He looks scary at first but he is just amazing.
I love when he is smiling he is just too much and I die every time I see that cute smile.
I normally don't like rappers but Suga is one of the exceptions and gosh just look at him!!!
He's got it down how to be cute and adorable one second and sexy in another.
He looks good in any hair color and he's sexy as hell as he pulls them off.
I'm sorry this is so close to the end I just was having a problem with it loading for the last 3 hours. Suga is amazing and I should if done this right when I woke up. Yoongi I'm sorry!!! :( @kpopandkimchi @AbbyHudson @Tigerlily84 @AimeeH @Nadinerzz @kpoplover1995
@Tigerlily84 really?!?!!! awesome!!!!
@SarahVanDorn absolutely!
@Tigerlily84 I hope in s good way lol
@SarahVanDorn wow you have made me see him differently