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What the actual f*ck!?!?!?!?! Omg! the latest episode of One Piece!!! No spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet but for those who have: WHY? My hate for that bird-like f*ckboy has ascended to a whole new freaking level!!!!!!! my feels.....they hurt.......owwwwww~ Who else feels my pain??????? Did you also think the ending of episode 720 was super shocking and made you think WTF too?
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.....I know that even if it isn't fixed that it is still well worth watching......still though it saddens me greatly.......
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I dnt fuck wit one piece lol I cnt get into it but is it a episode I can just watch and feel the same way? I wanna see wtf has u guys so mad lol
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@PrinceCampbell it isn't sry! you need to know how the show works and it makes it more effective with knowledge of the character's background and relationship to the main character. it is mainly for people who have been with the show for a while and built a love for it's characters to really mean something. we are mad about the sad SAD life of a character who ultimately accomplished nothing despite all hardships he has endured馃槩 it is completely BS how it all ended.... but hopefully it can be fixed (wishful thinking)馃槴
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@moonpie15b awwww I see. Sounds intense and frustrating honestly lol I do feel u guys
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lol, thanks!
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