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So, I recently wanted to write a NamJin fic! YAY NAMJIN IN THE HOOOOUSE!! I honestly don't have much written but enough for One Chapter. Since I'm not finished with the chapter, I thought of teasing you guys with a little XP So here we go!
A man slid on the door and thought about his group members. He couldn't believe what he just saw and he didn't want to believe it! He didn't want to think on how much damage this could cause to their group. He wanted to talk to someone, but who would believe his words? He wanted to scream, shout with all his might, but he doesn't want to cause worry to his group members. They were all in the living room celebrating yet another successful concert. He wants to be happy with them, but how could he? He wants to run away, but he can't leave now when his brothers are waiting for him outside of this door? Seems that he has no other choice. He doesn't want to keep this as a secret, but it's best for the sake of his group members.
In a level of DanceMon to TwerkMon, how good was this teaser? And do y'all want to actually read this? I'm usually the type to have a bunch of writer's blocks...but I'll be willing to start and finish this for you guys. It might take a while though... Just comment "yes" if you want me to start and end this fic. I'm not a person who likes happy endings so don't expect some fluffiness XD And @thePinkPrincess, feel free to tag anyone who you think would like this ^_^ I told you I was having a NamJin fic in mind ^_^