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A live broadcast is now showing on V. I watched it live. I hope they get rest!
@MadAndrea I know.....but lets keep strong and see the results of the debut..
I watched it too.... V's voice....he shouldn't be doing that....but they don't have a choice....they are willing to this for us which is a burden to all of us....when we try to give love back...they give us fan service...which is why I am thankful for the V app because some countries or islands like me can't attend their concert or whatever fans can attend...
@jellybeanlov3 me too. Jin was missing his parts, but I think he couldn't hear. Namjoon said they were in practice all day yesterday. I hope they don't over work those vocal cords. They are putting in work big time. I loved the show though.
this app is great guys. it will help you stay connected to ur favorite bands. BTS post a lot.
@Ghemarie12 I felt really bad when I heard V! His throat sounded really really raw.
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