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this right here shows how much BTS is loved.... this was about 30secs before the stage began and the second picture was about 15secs after it ended... the ... and not just that the comments omg !!! they were so supportive and caring... you could tell that our boys been practicing for awhile before they put it live, their voices was quiet as they sang and rapped and you can literally feel how tired they were,but they still gave the best and kept trying to make it the best show for their fans!!! Stay healthy BTS! That's all we as fans could ask of you guys
@BallisticB4c0n yes, even though they didn't go all out like they normally would, we should still appreciate the fact that they decided to show us how hard they are working to make us happy 鈽猴笍馃槉
As i was watching it i was amazed at how many people were waiting before it started (including myself) and how many kept on posting comments AFTER it ended! They were amazing (as always) and i agree with you, they looked tired, like if they had been practicing for much longer before it showed live.. I'm proud if them because of how hard they STILL performed..
@BAbrajan1 exactly 馃憦馃憦
I think Jin mostly had technical difficulties but V sounded like he was under the weather. He still stuck with it to the end. But we have to remember it was just a rehearsal so ofc they aren't going to go all out bc they need to save their voices.
I watched it! I hearted until my fingers could heart no more lol BTS 馃挋馃挋馃挋
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