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Hello, Vinglers. I'm that guy you keep seeing who types in Emojinese (Yes, I made it up.✌)

This is a tribute to Nali.All fans welcome.

I've seen too many people mentioning this with no support, and it may be the ONLY card you'll find about this and this alone! So stay a while! Spread the love. Let's talk all about Lisanna Strauss.


❓If you don't know who Lisanna is, or haven't seen her entire story so far, you may get spoilers, depending on when you've read this. Watch at risk.

The Greatest Childhood in Fairy Tail

What a life! This couple went through countless adventures and difficulties to raise and protect an egg that later became Happy. Those three lived as a family in a little ⛺hut, and...*sniffle*Wait, give me a moment...Words cannot describe how beautiful their life was. LISANNAAA!...Young ⚡Laxus and Gildarts were always around with them, too!

Mashimo (Fairy Tail's Author)Doesn't Yet Have Plans Announced for Lisanna

According to my research, Mashima never wanted Lisanna to come back(or "kaeru" in Japanese日本語) to life. He only wanted her to be a serious part of Natsu's memories, but the Director of Fairy Tail kept nagging him about bringing herback until he gave in. THAT'S why she was completely ignored in the show after her dramatic return. Mashimo didn't know what to DO with her! ✊ His original plans were ❎Nalu.

She's Still in ✨BUSINESS! And Progressing.

You'll notice throughout the show that Mashimo simply won't seperate Lisanna from Natsu. Why? What is being hinted at? It's completely OVER...or is it?❓ One does not simply replace Lisanna.
WELP! ✌I Hope That You LOVE This Card. This is a BIG topic for BIG hearts! I want to see how many supporters I can find for TEAM NALI. Tag a friend. Encourage the underdog⏫ voters! Leave a nice comment . Spread the campaign! We're all in this together.


Even if you're Nalu all the way, it would it be nice to share this those who feel different and discouraged. Thanks! Much love, no bias and... NO HATERS WELCOME! ✊✊✊
UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties, I can't type in Emojinese on my cards yet. Sorry! I still like Nali.
have you noticed in the anime/manga depending on who they're with in a romantic position Natsu and Happy have different faces with Lisanna: Natsu uncomfortable face, Happy excited face Lucy: Natsu happy face, Happy uncomfortable face i think that's funny
As long as everyone is happy at the end I really don't care who ends up with who. I do have my preferences but I'm happy if they're happy.
@Rockron97 Haha. I just find they go better together. I made a card about it before you can check it out if you want
@Thatperson512 Why?😂Natsu would have to be Erza's 🔥wife, and Erza would be his 💪husband. 😂😂
Lisanna is cute but still a nalu fan 😊
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