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Now I want to put some stats and information to this Deadpool.. After all I am The resident Deadpool and most of all a Nerd with Curves
Statistics Time and information time According to What a Culture. Com Deadpool ♥ your movie ranks 3. Batman vs Superman ranks 2 and of course The Civil War ranks 1 for next year. ♥ Deadpool you entered the Marvel Universe in 1991 Superman entered the DC universe in 1938. Wade darling, Superman has some years on you ♥ In Comic Con back in July of this year, Deadpool you got the win and even the encore. You should really thank Ryan Reynolds for that.. Batman VS Superman lost in that Comic Con and it just fell flat. People described the trailer to be "long, grim and load with way too much rain" this information was found on The Verge. Com
♥ Deadpool has little reason to be intimidated by Batman, Superman, the Avengers, or the X-Men.20th Century Fox’s R-rated and allegedly somewhat low-budget Deadpool opens on February 12, 2016, during the lucrative Presidents Day/Valentine’s Day weekend. It has the luxury of being the first big comic book movie of the year. ♥ Batman v Superman or X Men: Apocalypse represent competition, or something to be feared, implies that Deadpool is going to be a lot leggier than it actually will be. By the time that Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. drops their Ben Affleck/Henry Cavill/Gal Gadot smackdown sequel on March 25, Deadpool will be entering its seventh weekend of release. So the timing that Deadpool movie works in favor for the movie and collectively Marvel movies have done better in the box office than DC. Deadpool has the win with his Marvel Community launching a few movies. DC has the Batman Vs Superman and the Suicide Squad to stand on. This is according to Forbes Magazine
Superman Returns video game ranks : 5.6 Deadpool video game ranks: 6.0 According to IGN. Com ✨ Deadpool your game slightly did a little bit better.
Okay so the conclusion that I have drawn is that with the support of the other Marvel Community movies as a collective you will be fine. Also, the fact that your movie is coming out by itself with no other comic book base movie to take away from possible revenue. However we must recognize give credit that Batman & Superman are core icons for DC.
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@shannonl5 DEADPOOL is the king!! Hahah >:) by the way I had a question lol so in that first pic Deadpool is refuting to superman then? In that comic? Lol cause I read it 😆 and thought it was funny and cool he mentioned super man LOL
@LAVONYORK yes, loving Deadpool is obligatory
@shannonl5 and @MoisEsGaray pretty much, he is saying on any given day he out sells Super Man lol 😂😂 and he is not shy about it 😂😂😂 got to love the Deadpool ♥
@MoisEsGaray lol yeah he's just full of sass 24/7 judging DC like there's no tomorrow XD
@shannonl5 lol okay awesome x) so he did mean superman 😆 i like that lol I feel he's shooting at DC hahah x) that makes me happy lol another reason why DEADPOOL is awesome lol cause him himself knows he's awesome!!!! Hahaha x)
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