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😢💔 I was sad for days after watching this amazing anime... I was really hoping for kaori to live but I saw it coming a mile away like you said they foreshadowed her death but still kept you with that feeling that if kousei played his heart out a miracle might happen and she'd live 😢
right at first i was like what hold up hold up hold up when can you talk to cats in way you the only one 😫lol
@SimoneSanders me too i wanted her to live but that stupid cat foreshowed her death
@desireesowah143 ikr like i was ok he played his heart out but now were left with did he win..... and they made it so we would guess she would die at the was super clear when he was playing too ugh i was hoping she lived
@SimoneSanders even though im sad and everything i still wonder if Kousei won the competition at the end?._.
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