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hi guys I'm new and I want to make new friends that love anime like me that means everyone reading this so let's be friends and if u have anime I can watch comment plz running out of anime to watch plz tell me
Hello there, welcome! Have fun and enjoy your stay!~ Here are my anime suggestions: 鈥oragami 鈥wari no Seraph 鈥kame ga Kill 鈥irai Nikki 鈥eadman Wonderland 鈥eath Parade 鈥uroko no Basket 鈥ne Punch Man 鈥urarara 鈥olden Time 鈥ssassination Classroom 鈥urarihyon no Mago 鈥ahou Sensou 鈥oul Eater 鈥onten ni Warau 鈥airy Tail 鈥ne Piece 鈥leach 鈥amisama no Inai Nichiyoubi 鈥ate A Live 鈥intama 鈥hakugan no Shana 鈥hugo Chara 鈥word Art Online 鈥eath Note 鈥lfen Lied 鈥higatsu wa Kimi no Uso 鈥ekakucity Actors 鈥ampire Knight 鈥amisama Hajimemashita 鈥aichou wa Maid-sama 鈥arasyte 鈥katsuki no Yona 鈥lannad 鈥ullmetal Alchemist 鈥anayamata 鈥iabolik Lovers 鈥rothers Conflict 鈥mnesia 鈥nu x Boku SS 鈥iniro no Corda 鈥imi ni Todoke 鈥lack Bullet 鈥lack Butler 鈥kip Beat 鈥o no Exorcist 鈥okami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji 鈥ay "I love you" 鈥ta no Prince Sama 鈥umeiro Patissiere 鈥atchaman Crowds 鈥y Little Monster 鈥pecial A 鈥ruits Basket 鈥akuen Alice 鈥iiro no Kakera 鈥amigami no Asobi 鈥lack鈽匯ock Shooter 鈥okyo Ghoul
@NancyMendoza Really? lol Pretty sure I'm forgetting a lot. Death Note and Attack on Titan are good too as others have mentioned
@NancyMendoza No problem. Hope you have enough anime to keep ya busy for a while!
thanks for the reminder @iixel
thanks for the greeting @ypl333 also the anime and me too I love tokoyo goul @BOD129
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