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Hey guys! Today is finally Friday.., you know what that means!! It's time for this weeks anime review!! And this week will be on my favorite anime Attack on Titan'!!馃檪
Okay so let's start by telling you what it's about!! Attack on Titan is about giant man eating Titans that surge on humans blood lust. In order to survive the remaining humans built three walls "Maria, Rose,and Sina." But one day after 107 years of peace in side the walls, that piece was suddenly broken. After the armored and colossus Titan broke through wall Maria the outer most wall. Eren Yeager had witnessed the Titans blood lust first hand after watching one kill his mother. At that moment he vowed to wipe out all the Titans. Okay that's all I'm going to say or else I'll tell you the whole season.
Okay so now I'll talk about the three main characters. I'll start with Eren then go to Armin and last Mikassa. I'll give a little detail that doesn't really matter but it helps make up their character.
Eren Yeager: Detail: he has lots of guts
Armin Arlert: Detail: he loves books and reading
Mikassa Ackerman: Detail: protects Eren like he's her kid馃様
Okay so, I'll tell you the some types of Titans. I'll only do a few not the ones from the manga except *spoiler alert* Ymir's six meter Titan.
I'll put pictures of the Titans in the order I name them. 1) abnormal Titan 2) man made Titan 3) armored Titan 4) colossal Titan 5)female Titan Okay so that's all the Titans I will name.
Okay so I think I'll end it here. Attack on Titan is a great anime so if you haven't seen it already you have to watch it. There is no season two yet, but it should be coming out in 2016. I forget the month. Any way bye guys, just keep rocking it!!!馃構 Have a great day!!
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@NicheTake well it kinda is. It's more like I just tell people what a show is about so if they haven't seen it yet they can kinda get a understanding about the show first.
I have yet to watch this myself, looks and sounds pretty alright... I just haven't had the time yet.
@nberry1620 it's awesome!!!!!!
this is my favorite anime of all time
@YumiMiyazaki mine too