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ok so a while i entered into this contest/campaign called "write your name in korea" and i just heard back from them a d now i need help...
this is the email i recieved. here is what i need. i obviously cant go to Korea because i am poor. i need a lovely person who already lives in korea or who is going there before the end of december. i need someone to take a pic of my name in the book... iknow it is a longshot.... but i wojld really love to see a part of me in Korea. Even if itis just my name...
please if you can help me I will love you forever!!!!
Maybe @electica knows where it is!!!!
I sorry...
@kpopandkimchi it says it's an hour from me. never been there before
@kpopandkimchi ah let me see the mao and how far it is.
i cant even go to korea!
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