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(I have been having Kookie feels and I ate a sugar cookie earlier and the idea hit me like a chancla.)
"Can you pass me the flour?" I asked Jungkook, as I got butter out of the refrigerator. Jungkook and I decided it would be nice to make some cookies for his hyungs. Since they have been working so hard. "Uhh yeah." He leans into the pantry and brings out a medium sized blue paper bag. "Here you go." As he hands it to me, our hands brush each other. I see a blush make its way to his porcelain cheeks. "You okay, Kookie-ah?" I ask him, using his childhood nickname. "Yeah. I'm fine." He lets go of the bag leaving it in my hands and goes to the cabinets to get a cookie sheet. "Okay." I mutter, pouring flour into the mixing bowl. I added the butter and sugar. I grabbed the milk carton and poured two cups into the mixture. Turning on the automatic mixer, I sitting on the counter to wait for it to mix. I set the timer for two minutes. As I did this, I felt someone looking at me. I looked to my left and saw Jungkook looking at me. He looked confused. "Are you sure you're okay?" I ask, tucking my left leg under me so I face him. "Yeah. I'm sure." He smiles slightly. He looks like he wants to say more. "Really?" I lean forward and place my hand to his forehead. "You don't feel like you have a fever.....are you having a war of hormones?" I joke. He laughs nervously and looks away. "Something like that." He mutters to himself. "What was that?" I couldn't hear what he was saying. "No....I'm not. Because I'm a teenager doesn't mean I am being attacked my hormones." He shakes his head. "Mmm." I say, not believing him. The timer went off and I switched the mixer off. I took a large spoon from the utensil drawer. "Can you put non-stick spray on the cookie sheet?" I ask him. He nodded as he grabbed the can. He shook it and took off the cap. When he pressed the nozzle, the spray shot out of the can and hit him in his left eye. "OW!!!" He reels back, dropping the can. It thuds to the floor. I run over. "Jungkook?!?" He was rubbing his eye. "No. Don't rub it. That will make it worse. Follow me." I lead him out of the kitchen and into the bathroom. I sit his on the toilet seat. I get a towel and wet it with warm water. I kneel in front of him and move his hands away from his eye. "Can you open your eye?" He nods and opens it a bit. Its red and swollen. I frown, feeling bad for him. "Aww. Try to cry. The tears will help flush out your eye without me having to pour water into your eye socket....." He looks shocked. " aint pretty." JUNGKOOK'S POV: I do as (Y/N)-noona told me. I start to cry out of that eye and she dabs the excess non-stick spray from around my eye with the warm cloth. She keeps her left hand gently under my chin, turning my head every so often. I focus on her. She is so focused that she doesn't notice me staring. My gaze goes down to her lips. They are in a slight pout, pink and plump....(A/N: The equivalent of Jin's're welcome for the compliment). I couldn't stop myself. The next thing I knew my arm was around her waist. "Jungkook-ah?" She asks, confused. I look from her lips to her eyes. And back down to her lips. I lean in and kiss her. She jumps slightly, out of shock. But soon I hear a faint this as she drops the towel on the floor and she wraps her arms around my neck. I pull her up so she is straddling my lap. I deepen the kiss and pull her closer to me. The kiss starts to get heated and I pull back, taking a deep breath. I hear her panting also. She looks dazed. "That was interesting...." she says, still breathing heavily. "Yeah." I look up at her and smirk. She blushes slighty and looks away. I smile at how cute my noona is. "(Y/N)-noona?" She looks up at me. "Hmm?" "Thank you for helping me with my eye. And for," I sigh and look at her admiringly, "I love you~~." She gasps and smiles brightly. "I love you too." We kiss again, savoring the moment. We pulled away from each other. She gets off my lap and starts cleaning up the bathroom. "What are you doing?" I ask, standing up. "Dude....did you forget we have cookies to make? I don't know about you but I really want some sugar cookies." She says. "But I can be your sugar Kookie." I joke, smiling at her. She shakes her head and heads out the bathroom. "This kid....." I hear her mutter.
Oh my gosh! I would be like that lol sugar cookies are the best! 😉
@ILikeHisFace123 I read your caption "...the idea came to me like a chancla" 😂😂 love that, I can relate
such a sweet it
such a dork
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