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So I have been writing this for a while, and decided that I'd share it. I get nervous sharing my stuff, so let's go! Some parts that will be uploaded later has angst, language, and violence so... But I'll warn on those parts.
Chapter 1: A New Journey Aimee, Kristine, Arisa, and Joanna have been friends for as long as they could imagine. Brought together by similarities, they formed a lifelong sister hood. Aimee being the eldest, looked after the girls like they were her own; she was protective of them. Making the decision to move together was one of the best they could have made. . . . "Arisa," Kristine was unpacking her things in the house that they shared, "When are we supposed to go enroll in college?" Walking back into the room Arisa smiled, "Aimee is getting off work soon, so we can all go. Speaking of, where is Jojo?" Kristine looked around noticing Jojo walking around outside. Pointing towards the yard, she and Arisa saw Jojo. She was unpacking her things from the car; totally oblivious to everything. They noticed she had her headphones in humming to her favorite song. The girls started laughing as they continued unpacking the living room box. Aimee pulled into the driveway, and ran up to the house. "Sorry I'm late girls! I had to wait until the new workers arrived. I'll change and we can leave when everyone's ready." She gave them a smile as she ran up the stairs. About fifteen minutes after Aimee ran up the stairs, she walked back down to help unpack the remaining things. Jojo walked in and smiled as the three girls looked at her. "Are we ready? Let's get this going to go rule the school!" The girls all laughed and walked out to the car's.
They pulled up to the school and got out. As they looked around, they noticed the curb appeal of the school. There were beautiful rose trees, and flowers dressing the sidewalk. "Alright girls let's go" They all interlocked their arms and walked inside. Of course with them being new, they got awkward stares from everyone. The stares that hit them most was a group of seven guys who were talking. The girls looked at each other, shot the guys a smile, and continued to the registration office. When they smiled at the group of guys, their mannerisms changed to flirty. "Shh. Keep walking." Aimee whispered to her friends, as they giggled. Suddenly, one of the guys spoke up. "Excuse me miss?" Aimee turned around to the sweet voice, "Yes?" He walked up to her and smiled. "You have something I need." Confused as to what he meant, she looked at her friends; then back at him. "What is that?" "Your smile." When he said that, she began to stumble as her face turned red from his statement. "Oh my." She raised her hand to her heart, as she began to get butterflies. Knowing that her friend was lost with words, Kristine walked up, "Her name is Aimee. We're new here." He looked back at Aimee and smiled. "I'm Hoseok, but I can be your Hope." She couldn't help but grin at him. "This is.." He was cut off when his friend jumped into the conversation. "I'm Jimin." His undivided attention was on Kristine, as he smiled and bowed to her. Kristine smiled at how sweet the guy seemed. "You said you all were new right?" Kristine nodded to his question. "I can show you around later if you'd like? I don't want you to get lost, unless it's with me." Kristine felt her face get flushed as she nodded her head.
"I'm Jin, and you are?" He grabbed Arisa's hand and kissed it. The girls started laughing at his technique; sweet and classy. Arisa looked at him, lost for words. "This is Arisa," Jojo placed her hands on Arisa's shoulders and helped with her name since Arisa got bashful. "Yes, my name is Arisa. It's nice to meet you Jin", she gave him a smile as he started conversing with her. "So, what brings you from heaven?" Arisa couldn't help but smile from Jin's question. "Oh," she began laughing, "We're just settling into our home and business. We all pitched in to own our own bakery." He seemed impressed at her statement. "So you all are talented then?" She shook her head to his question. Joanna noticed one of the other guys looking at her. She gave a cold smile; she wasn't impressed with cheesy. The only people who knew the warmth of her heart, were those close to her; her Sisters mostly. "Hi, I'm Taehyung, but you can call me V." She gave a quick smile, "I'm Joanna. It's nice to meet you." He was thrown off with her coldness, but all this meant that he would have to work hard to win her heart over. He liked that about her, and would try everything he could; to get into her heart. "Oh gosh, we're going to be late girls! Guys, it was nice to meet you all, but we have to go", Aimee bowed to the guys as they turned to run down the hall to catch the office before they left for lunch. . . .
Walking out of the office of what seemed to be hours, they were hit with a familiar voice. "What's up Brosefs?" They turned slowly to see their sister Bailey standing there smiling. The girls didn't have much time other than to react at how excited they were to see her after a months times. Bailey was tackled by four girls that made everyone else look at the scene. "Bailey! What are you doing here?" "I couldn't stray to far, we're family." Everything became normal once again since the five were together once more. "You do realize you can't get rid of us now right?" Arisa chuckled at Kristine's statement. They decided after a few minutes of standing around, that they would go get food and discuss their future endeavors. One guy noticed Bailey off the bat and just smiled at how friendly she was. The group of girls walked towards the door as the guy waved at her. "Miss?" He focused his attention onto Bailey. "Could you direct me to the office?" She smiled at him and led him to the door her friends walked out of. "Thank you", he bowed to her, "I like your Longboard by the way. I'm Donggeun." "Thank you! My name is Bailey, it's nice to meet you." They exchanged smiles as he walked into the office. "Alright girls let's go!" Jojo said as they walked out.
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