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Ok, seriously, what are each of our boys thinking here? Think you know? Then comment it below.
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Lol that's what I was thinking @petname83
2 years ago·Reply
top is probably thinking why won't they go away...daesung top is forever mine. gd is thinking bitcj why you eat my sweets. youngbae be like really he wants to kill me seungri be like do You smell that...my pure awesomeness
2 years ago·Reply
they were so stunned at my beauty and wondered why they haven't met me yet. me too big bang I wonder that too
2 years ago·Reply
Gd: youngbae don't leave me YB: I want to leave because you have seungri now. TOP: I know what you did last summer Daesung: "Where do I look?" Seungri: "I broke up a relationship" secretly smiling
2 years ago·Reply
I'm lost I don't know but what I see is Daesung claiming TOP while TOP smirks . GD is claiming Taeyang and Senguri is just smiling to himself and showing off
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