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Hello people of Earth!!! @renvisko and I created a guild named the Caliginous Clan. We have very little members and are hoping to increase the number of guild members. We only have a few rules that are mandatory to follow tho. Rules of the Guild: 1) Stick together and rely on one another. We are a family and family always sticks together. This isn't just a place to talk about anime and cats or whatever...but also a place where u can come and ask for help or advice from your new family. 2) We would preferably have the age limit to be from ages 13 to 19 if possible no younger or older than that so some people are not uncomfortable with the huge age gaps. 3) There should be no consistant fighting in the guild. Role play fighting for fun is allowed tho as long as everyone knows that the fight is not serious. 4) Never use another for your personal gain and respect their decisions. 5) There will also be a three strike rule for those violating the rules given. Firstly, you will be kicked from the chat for the remainder of the day. Secondly, you will be kicked out from the chat for as long as it seems fit, depending on the seriousness of the violation. And lastly, you will be banned from the Guild all together if you continue to ignore them. 6) Just have fun!!! Quotes from guild members: "We live in different parts but I feel like it doesn't matter cus its like a family!" -Mira "We are all penguins here and we enjoy tacos!!" -Mira "What is wrong with you Mira? " -Rogue "You don't need to be perfect to see stars." -Astrid "Dosent matter where you are, friends are with you everywhere you go" -Gajeel How to join the guild: If you were wondering how to join it's pretty simple. All you have to do us comment your kik username below. So far we only have about 20 members out of 30 besides ourselves. We are looking to have possibly 10 new guild members. Thank you for your cooperation I hope to see you in our guild! -DRAGON p.s. I NEED UR KIK IF U WANNA JOIN!!! thx...
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oh ok Gray and I are on now. Lucy-san added you :) @MorganAlys
on kik right
yep! @MorganAlys Welcome to Caliginous!