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The things this boy does to me. It's just not fair! I'm all for sexy GD, hot GD, bend you to his will with just a wink GD, shirtless GD, dancing GD, devilish GD, handsome GD, fashionable GD... You see where I'm going here. I love GD in all his forms. The boy just does it for me. But, tonight, it's cute, adorable little GD that's hitting me right in the feels. Le sigh.
Why, why must he be so stinking adorable?!?
Yeah, that's right, I added little kid GD. Why? Because he's so darned cute!
Yes, that's little GD with a puppy! A PUPPY!!! And GD with baby Gaho! And GD with and actual baby! (Side note: anyone else think that baby looks like a very tiny old man? No? Just me?)
I love him too, Teddy. I love him too. *sigh*
Good night Vinglers, good night.
he should be illegal for that amount of cuteness
glad i saw this in the morning, dno if i would've slept! too too cute
all babies look like little old men. It's part of their charm. Ever watch Perfect Boyfriend? I wanna order GD
Some guys just know how to make you fall in love