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So...today is Suga Swag Day and there is seriously so much I could say about Suga. But I'll just tell you a few reasons why we get caught up in Suga

hope you enjoy!! :D

1. He has a sweet smile

^3^ I see why they call him Suga Suga~ yes please~

2. ARMYs make the best memes about him

just look at these XD

3. He looks good without makeup

And if you look at your screen, boys and girls, you will see the rare...Min Yoongi everyone: *fawns* he's so majestic me: can I buy him?

4. Every hair color looks good on him

How is this even possible? Is he even human?

5. He sleeps a lot

But he earns it because he works hard *raises fist* FIGHTING!

6. He's got swag

~Pretty boy coming through, me and my crew, we swaggin' in the room~

2 more days until their comeback!!


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@punkpandabear yeah, it was fun to make it too! and his smile...just ahhh
2 years agoReply
@4dalientae Oh yes his smile, oh my, but what gets me are his eyes.
2 years agoReply
love it love it love it! :D
2 years agoReply
loved thissssss
2 years agoReply
馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槝馃槝馃槝 馃榿
2 years agoReply