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Would you rather go to high school in Korea or in your home country!?

home country. the bullying in the US is more psychological...I don't want to be beaten nearly to death!!
I'll stay in America cause I'm not in high school anymore and Korean would hate me cause I'm a fighter so if you try to bullying me I going to fight you!👊👊
I love Korea and all but I'll stay with America! From what I've heard, bullying is a MAJOR problem and I've been bullied enough in my life! Maybe for a couple of weeks but not permanently.
i would have loved to go to school in Korea because of their uniforms!!!! they look so cute😱 I know theur school days are 15 hours a day but I think I would have needed that extra time to study😂😂😂
Definitely my home country. They go to school Monday-Saturday and stay late in the evening. They're doing too much lol. The bullying over there is pretty bad from what I hear too though.
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