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Would you rather go to high school in Korea or in your home country!?

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home country. the bullying in the US is more psychological...I don't want to be beaten nearly to death!!
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I'll stay in America cause I'm not in high school anymore and Korean would hate me cause I'm a fighter so if you try to bullying me I going to fight you!馃憡馃憡
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I love Korea and all but I'll stay with America! From what I've heard, bullying is a MAJOR problem and I've been bullied enough in my life! Maybe for a couple of weeks but not permanently.
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i would have loved to go to school in Korea because of their uniforms!!!! they look so cute馃槺 I know theur school days are 15 hours a day but I think I would have needed that extra time to study馃槀馃槀馃槀
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Definitely my home country. They go to school Monday-Saturday and stay late in the evening. They're doing too much lol. The bullying over there is pretty bad from what I hear too though.
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