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But one question remains legitimately unanswered for as long as days have had names...
Can't we come to some sort of alternating or staggered start roster agreement? :-)
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Friday's aren't real work days here in Australia anyway, so I will fight to preserve Friday at all costs
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Ohhh! You've got one of those sought after jobs with a Friday Schmyday??!! Respect! :-) :-) I've not known the luxury :-( However, I can imagine once you've had it, there is no going backwards after that... so preserve! preserve! preserve! Well that's the fate of 2 days of the week decided.
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@MissB82 I was going to sully the name of your profession and cast aspersions in your direction, but I am not that mean or heartless, and I wouldn't have meant it.
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@InPlainSight Oh I'll be thinking of you while I'm enjoying every day off in the upcoming Christmas school holidays :-)... https://youtu.be/B6PI09LcuHo
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