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With an entire cast filled with crazy strong characters, the Saiyans Prince definitely stands out if we aren’t talking about height. Seeing as he is the only person with half a brain in the series able to think ahead, Vegeta makes a number of personal strides throughout the series that show he is capable of growing as a human being. His endless feud with Goku will never die though and sometimes this mars his judgment, but everyone has their flaws. Vegeta has had a hard life. His entire planet was destroyed by Frieza and as a result, he has become quite bitter towards the world. He tries to compensate for his loss through his incredible pride for the Saiyan race leading him to be quite arrogant. When he first comes to Earth, he is absolutely repulsed, but through interactions with other characters, Vegeta begins to realize that life on Earth isn't so bad. As a fighter, Vegeta has also evolved. During the Frieza saga, Vegeta murdered anything and everything without mercy or regret. He was a straight cold-blooded killer, until his defeat by Frieza where he breaks down and begins to second-guess himself and his previous way of life. From this point on, Vegeta begins to soften up but can still kick some major ass, as demonstrated with his fight against Majin Buu.
Episodes: 291 Aired: April 1989 – January 1996