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So I decided to set my alarm for MAMAs since its getting close and I don't want to miss them this year. But doing that only freaked me out because 3AM CST. Though that's only if you want to watch the Red Carpet event too, the actual awards start at 5AM CST. But still 3AM. I'm gonna have to really throw my sleep schedule off for this, but this will be my first MAMA so I refuse to miss it. Moving on... Do any of you have pre MAMA rituals that you like to participate in? How do you prepare for the MAMAs? Is this your first MAMA? If not, then how many MAMAs have you been a part of? Are any of you throwing MAMA viewing parties? Live blogging on tumblr? Live tweeting on twitter? I want to know! Feel free to tag everyone. Seriously this is one of the biggest Awards in KPOP so I doubt there will be many kpoppers that aren't watching. Tell me your plans I'm really curious to know.
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@chelseajay im in the eastern time zone
2 years ago·Reply
@ChelseaJay Thanks if you dont mind tagging me in that please
2 years ago·Reply
@Saeda1320 Red Carpet starts at 4AM your time. Awards start at 6AM
2 years ago·Reply
thank you @chelseajay
2 years ago·Reply
I almost forget! OMG I would've been sad to miss the MAMA's this will my first also:)
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