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I though I was ready for this but I am not. Watching the teasers and seeing all of this stuff about them I feel like it going to be another I need you original version of the music video again. Everyone saying they Jin will be the last one and the music for those videos made me want to cry.
These pictures shows how much they've grown. I'm really proud of them they make me happy. But really do wish that they don't work as hard and don't keep putting themselves in more harm than they should be. I wish they would rest more and when they practice they shouldn't do it full out they should mark it (making small movements mimicking the normal movement you have in a dance) I wish they get better.
Also they love making us happy and I hope they see how happy we are when they rest for a little bit and get healthy. Jimin too he looks good now but I like his chubby cheeks... just imagine him giving you warm hugs when he had those cute chubby cheeks he doesn't need to diet he would give bear hugs and I LOVE those kind of hugs. I don't think I have a bias in BTS anymore I like all of them and everytime I do try to have a bias in this group a new video would like to tell me otherwise.