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@vinmccarthy , I think you're the dude mostly in charge around here... Can we get some "warning this contains spoilers" and then you have to tap it to reveal it or you can leave it cause it's spoilers? Because people are posting "fairy tail" right, just innocent and it's like oh yea I'll check that *IT IS EVERYTHING YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW* and all it was called was fairy tail come on people
Everyone that also thinks a spoiler warning on cards and comments would be nice, share this! Otherwise until then PUT SOME DAMN SPOILER ALERTS ON YOUR CARDS KIDS!
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I find out way too much stuff about shows I haven't even seen nowadays
I agree dude. I'll talk to @poojas about making it part of the community rules
Oh hey there! Thanks man!
@VinMcCarthy you're a godsend. Thank you
This is part of the community guidelines in the Marvel community! It would be cool to see everyone on the app doing this as well though